Secure Ticket Sales with BlocTic

Protect your business and your customers against ticket fraud

BlocTic offers a 100% secure, blockchain ticketing system purpose built for tourism attraction and experience operators. The platform utilises smart contract and blockchain technology to validate ticket purchases and reduce the occurrence of fraudulent ticket sales and can protect against ticket theft.


BlocTic addresses the industry weaknesses of scalpers and unsanctioned resellers and serves as an open-source alternative to other universally accepted ticketing systems. What sets our product apart from its competitors is its sleek, hassle-free interface that delivers information to its customers in real-time.

Seamless Integration into vendor / ticket seller platform as well as a consumer ready standalone ticketing plug-in for merchant sites

Digital wallet product for consumers / ticket holders

Sophisticated Admin dashboard – create events, manage and report on ticket sales

Merchant android application for POS terminal or mobile device


  • No intermediary fees (usually from 10% to 25%)
  • Smart tickets: setup custom rules for emitting tickets
  • Transparent system with public reputation to generate trust (rating)
  • Control over secondary ticketing and related revenue
  • No fraud: every ticket is tracked and associated with a unique User. Once a user sends a ticket to another wallet, it is removed from the original ticket holder's wallet.
  • Zero credit card transaction when paying in cryptocurrencies
  • Zero platform fees

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